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Master the Art of the Front Lever with Our Comprehensive “Front Lever Revolution” Program Bundle!

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If you’re looking to master every aspect of the front lever, from the basics to advanced techniques, our “Front Lever Revolution” is the ultimate choice. This all-in-one bundle includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced front lever programs, each tailored to progressively build your skills at a pace that suits you. With this comprehensive package, you get all three programs at a discounted rate, making it the most cost-effective way to achieve front lever mastery.

Key Features of the “Front Lever Revolution” Bundle:

  • Complete Skill Development: Start with foundational exercises in our beginner program, then advance through intermediate techniques like the straddle front lever and full front lever, and finally, challenge yourself with high-level skills such as front lever pull ups, front lever raises, and wide front lever in the advanced program.
  • Expertly Designed Workouts: Each program within the bundle is crafted to ensure seamless progression. You will learn the straight arm touch, perfect your front lever hold, and explore variations like the Front Lever Touch, preparing you for every complexity of front lever training.
  • Guidance from a Champion: Designed by Daniel Hristov, a four-time world champion in calisthenics, you’ll benefit from expert insights and strategies that only a seasoned athlete could provide.
  • Supportive Community Access: Join a private community of front lever enthusiasts who are also working through the Front Lever Revolution programs. This network is a great place to motivate each other, share your progress, and receive support throughout your training journey.
  • Comprehensive Training Materials: Each front lever program comes with detailed video tutorials, making complex techniques accessible and manageable. This ensures that you understand the intricacies of each movement and can execute them with precision.

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to refine and push your limits, the “Front Lever Revolution” bundle offers the structured front lever training, calisthenics front lever workouts, and exercises needed for you to excel. This all-inclusive front lever training program is your path to becoming a front lever master. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your skills and confidence with the guidance of an elite coach.

Join our community today and start your comprehensive journey through the world of front lever progression with the “Front Lever Revolution” program bundle. Your mastery of the front lever awaits!

Original price was: €187,00.Current price is: €143,00.



Key Features of the “Front Lever Revolution” Bundle:

  • Front lever Skill Coverage: Learn a wide array of front lever techniques including:
    • Tuck front lever
    • Advanced tuck front lever
    • Straddle front lever
    • Full front lever
    • Archer front lever pull ups
    • Front lever pull ups
    • Front lever raises
    • Front lever hold
    • Straight arm touch
    • Archer front lever pull upsRead full info about Front Lever Bundle – Front lever revolution


  • Three-tiered Program Structure: Progress through beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs designed to build skills step-by-step.
  • Expertly Crafted by a Champion: Programs designed by Daniel Hristov, a four-time world champion in calisthenics, ensuring top-tier training insights and techniques.
  • Community Support: Access to a private community of front lever athletes to share progress, motivate each other, and gain support.
  • Discounted Bundle Offer: Get all three programs in one comprehensive package at a reduced price, making it an economical choice for serious training.
  • High-Quality Training Materials: Each stage includes detailed video tutorials that break down complex movements into manageable steps for better mastery.

Join the “Front Lever Revolution” today and transform your calisthenics skills with our all-inclusive program bundle. Master a broad range of front lever techniques and push your abilities to new heights with expert guidance and a supportive community!

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