Intermediate Front Lever Program

Learn how to go from a advanced tuck front lever towards straddle front lever and last but full front lever with a guided program.

Front Lever Levels By Daniel Hristov

Learn the straddle front lever and full front lever faster

If you have the foundation strength to do a advanced tuck front lever you are now able to move on to learn the straddle front lever and full front lever together with me.

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Front Lever Revolution

Don't Struggle With Your Front lever progress

Straddle Front Lever

Get to the next level after you have mastered the advanced tuck front lever and master the straddle front lever and the full front lever

Calisthenics Coach

Learn the necessary steps to go from advanced tuck to a full front lever with the help of the Calisthenics Coach Daniel Hristov

Front Lever Progression

After completing this program you will be able to take the next step and continue with Advanced Front Lever

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Front Lever Program

Front Lever training by Daniel Hristov to achieve your goals in a easy step by step guide.


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Intermediate Front Lever PROGRAM

Everything you need to know about Intermediate Front Lever revolution Program

Who Is Intemediate Front Lever Revolution For?

The program that we offer has been specifically created to provide a safe and effective way for you to reach the straddle front lever and full front lever but also develop and enhance your strength. Our program is tailored towards those who have a goal of achieving the straddle front lever and the full front lever. With careful attention our plan takes into account a range of exercises that help to build overall body strength, focusing particularly on the areas required for the Straddle front lever and full front lever hold. This program is designed to be progressive and adaptable, so that it can be effective for a variety of individuals. By following our program, you will see improvements in your strength, skills, and overall fitness. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve with our help and guidance.

How will I learn?

My goal is to help you achieve your front lever goals in the most efficient way possible. That’s why I use videos as a teaching tool, to ensure that you fully understand the exercises and techniques that I am demonstrating. My instructional videos are designed to offer you a clear and easy understanding of the exercises, making it easier for you to apply these techniques in your workouts. With my guidance, you’ll be able to avoid common exercise mistakes that can be detrimental to your progress, allowing you to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, I have also provided a PDF guide accompanying each routine to make it even easier for you to follow along.

How Will I access the program?

When you order Front Lever Revolution, regardless of the level you choose, you will automatically you will get added to my private community and have access to your program with the account that you created with the invite we sent.

Requirements to start

As this is the next phase of the front lever revolution, you will need to have mastered advanced tuck for 3-5 sec before starting this phase.

How long is the program?

The program lasts 6 months and gets harder each month to help you get stronger for the straddle front lever first, then move on to full front lever. It’s of course impossible to predict exactly when you can achieve each skill. That is why I have designed this program in a way that you are able to repeat it if you have not mastered the strength for the next phase

What equipment do I need?

You only need 3 things: a resistance band, a straight bar, or a static bar and weights.

With your Front Lever Program

Front Lever Program Progression


Ready To Front Lever?

Learn how to Front Lever together with Daniel Hristov and get the right Front Lever progress and step by step guide to go from tuck Front Lever to straddle Front Lever and then full Front Lever.

Workout Equipment Required

For these programs, you need a static bar or a straight bar

For these programs you need different levels of resistance band

What is front lever?

The front lever is a hard calisthenics move you often see gymnasts or calisthenics athletes doing on the rings or a pull-up bar. Basically, you start hanging upside down and then lower yourself until your body is flat and horizontal, like a plank, but you’re in the air and your belly faces the sky. Some really skilled folks can even go straight into a front lever from just hanging on the bar. It’s pretty tough and requires a lot of strength in your back and core. To get there, you start with front lever progressions like the tuck front lever where you keep your knees bent and close to your chest. As you get stronger, you move to an advanced tuck with your body more open, then a straddle with legs apart, and finally, you aim for the full front lever. Each step builds up the muscle and control you need.

Is advanced tuck front lever easier than straddle front lever?

The advanced tuck front lever is not easier than the straddle front lever; in fact, it’s generally considered a progression step towards mastering the straddle front lever.

Here’s why and the key differences:

  1. Body Position and Leverage: In the advanced tuck front lever, your legs are tucked closer to your body, which reduces the leverage against your core and upper body muscles, making it somewhat easier to maintain than the straddle front lever. The straddle front lever, on the other hand, involves spreading your legs wide apart. This position increases the leverage and the demand on your core and back muscles because your body’s mass is distributed over a larger area, which challenges your strength and balance more intensely.

  2. Muscle Engagement: The straddle front lever requires more comprehensive engagement of the latissimus dorsi, core muscles, and hip abductors due to the need to hold the legs apart. This spread position not only tests your back and core strength but also your ability to coordinate and engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

  3. Skill and Coordination: Achieving a straddle front lever also demands higher levels of skill and coordination. It requires precise control over your body to maintain the correct form with legs spread, which adds an extra layer of difficulty compared to the more compact body position in the advanced tuck front lever.

In summary, the transition from an advanced tuck front lever to a straddle front lever involves learning to manage increased leverage, greater muscle engagement, and more complex body coordination. These factors make the straddle front lever a more challenging and advanced skill in calisthenics progression.

You professional Front lever coach

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Daniel Hristov, and I am a professional calisthenics athlete and coach. I have mastered the front lever and almost all the different skills related to it. I have been teaching the front lever to hundreds of other students who have learned to master it and have made significant progress. Some started with a simple tuck front lever and later learned to do front lever pull-ups as well.

How hard is front lever training?

Front lever training can become really frustrating if you don’t know the right step-by-step guide or program to get you to your goals. It can be even more frustrating when you are more dominant in push strength; then it’s even more important that you have a structured program or a calisthenics coach to help you achieve the front lever goals you have set for yourself. Basically, if you work a lot on your back muscles and continue to put progressive overload on them, for example with weighted pull-ups, without doing any front lever training, that will still help you when you start to train specifically for the front lever. However, without specific training for the front lever, you will never achieve a clean straddle front lever or full front lever.

What is the difference between a straddle front lever and a full front lever in difficulty?

The main difference in difficulty between the straddle front lever and the full front lever lies in the positioning of the legs and the resulting demands on muscle strength and body control.

  1. Leg Position: In a straddle front lever, the legs are spread apart, which reduces the amount of leverage acting against your upper body. This wider spread helps distribute some of your body weight over a larger area, making it slightly easier to maintain balance and hold the position. In contrast, the full front lever requires your legs to be kept together and fully extended in front of you, increasing the leverage due to the concentrated mass further away from the fulcrum (your hands). This position demands more strength and stability.

  2. Muscle Engagement: The full front lever requires more significant engagement from the core, lower back, lats, and shoulders compared to the straddle front lever. Keeping your legs together and straight out increases the load on these muscles extensively, requiring higher strength and endurance levels.

  3. Balance and Control: The full front lever is also more challenging in terms of balance and body control. The compact nature of the straddle position allows for slightly easier control and balance, whereas the full lever, with legs together, offers less room for error in body alignment and requires more precise control over your center of mass.

  4. Progression and Skill: Moving from a straddle front lever to a full front lever is often considered one of the final and most difficult progressions in front lever training. It not only tests your physical strength but also your ability to finely tune your body’s position and alignment.

In summary, the full front lever is more difficult than the straddle front lever due to the increased leverage, greater muscular engagement required, and the higher demands on balance and precision in body control.

What equipment do I need to learn front lever?

The equipment you need to learn can vary depending on which calisthenics coach you consult. Below is a list of commonly mentioned equipment:

  • Static Bar: Excellent for static skills like the front lever, as well as others like the back lever and planche. It’s an easy way to set up a straight bar in your room or at the gym.

  • Resistance Band: Important for assisting with front lever progressions. For instance, if you can’t do a tuck front lever yet, you might use a resistance band to help support your body while you work on the skill.

  • Dip Bars: Can be used instead of a static bar, allowing you to perform a variety of exercises like dips and planche.

  • Dumbbells: Useful for targeting specific muscle groups that may be your weak points in achieving the front lever.

  • Dip Belt: Used for weighted pull-ups to build strength in your back muscles, which can contribute to your progress toward the front lever.

Daniel Hristov

My name is Daniel Hristov, and I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. For the past 5 years, I have been pursuing street workout professionally, and I have made a name for myself as a world-class competitor.

I have achieved numerous world titles, including the World Championship in Moscow, Russia in 2021, where I emerged victorious as the World Champion. Additionally, I won the Street Workout Ultimate Battles and Calisthenics Cup competitions in 2022 & 2023 and placed second in the World Championship in Moscow, Russia in 2019 as the Vice World Champion. In 2019, I also secured the second position in the World Cup held in Hong Kong. In 2020, I was declared the national champion in Bulgaria. Those of us who practice street workout and calisthenics understand the significance of this sport in our lives. Each exercise holds great meaning for us, and we know that proper training and perseverance are the keys to success. If you entrust me with your fitness goals, I assure you that we can work together towards achieving them.

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