Calisthenics Coaching improve your progress & increase your skills in Calisthenics with Daniel Hristov

Achive your Calisthenics goals without the struggle to figure things out for yourself. Tap into Daniel Hristov’s knowledge and speed up your progress and skills that people will be wondering what secret you have to progress this fast in Calisthenics


If you click the link and apply, be ready to progress like never before. If you are serious and willing to put in the effort you will be amazed at how far we will go together.


Yair Drory

Ofek Yahalom

Miran Mikaili

Who else should you seek coaching from if not the 4x world champion in Calisthenics?

I have helped 1000 people with my programs & coaching and people have got amazing results due to my help.

I guess if you are here you want to know if I could help you?

Let’s dive into it…

With my help you will achieve a step-by-step workout plan built on my own secrets to achieving insane results…Tailored towards your level and most important YOUR GOALS

My coaching is not a simple shitty PDF that I sent your way and says… just do this.


All inside a simple app, no confusing PDF's

Chat 24/7

Available for the clients whenever they need it

Weekly video feedback

See and hear me explain what you should improve

Calisthenics coach

Coached by the top Calisthenics athlete

I coach you via your personal coaching app which is so easy to manage that your grandma could get my coaching.

we test the level that you start at and from there, I build your program and add the necessary exercises. Each exercise has a video to see exactly what you need to do. 

You will have the possibility to send in videos of your workout. This makes it easy for me to give specific video feedback for you to improve faster.

As you can see this is not just some bullshit PDF that I sent to everyone… I make it person towards you.